Tim Drake / Red Robin appreciation post

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Sounds like a good plan.


Sounds like a good plan.


You. Have watched... me.
I've had my eye on you for a while, Laura. I don't ignore potential.


YouTubers and Sexual Abuse | TheThirdPew
"This isn’t normal and as a community we can not except this as being the norm."

I had an actual horror movie moment before omg (though no horror movie ending phew)

so when g went to work the front door didnt shut properly so it was open a crack, but I didnt notice. i was taking photos of the baby mouse and to test a thing I took a random shot out the living room door to see if the settings were working etc. and it looked fine so I continued. then when i was done, I open the memory card on my computer and I was scrolling through the photos and came across the one I’d taken through the door, and saw that in the hallway the FRONT DOOR WAS OPEN OH MY GOD and if I had been in a horror movie that moment right there, sitting in my computer chair with my back to the door, was when it would’ve Happened

but obviously it was fine my neighbours are quite reasonable and not serial killers so

submitted a hopeless stab in the dark job application without weeping too much and my mouse has gained 7g this week so there’s a thing




Your Preview of Gotham Academy #1 out TOMORROW

The first issue of Gotham Academy hits the stands and screens tomorrow. If you heard the 3 Chicks Podcast review and interview with Becky Cloonan, you know I love the book. If you haven’t done so, I’d call my shop and ask them to hold a copy if you’re a floppy reader.

I honestly believe this book could, along with Ms. Marvel, be the change agent for comics.

Tomorrow: classes are in session!!

Everything about this looks so lovely. I can’t wait to get a copy <3

applying for a job like, well if no one else applies i might be in with a shout

boris johnson is wielding a brick and that’s probably all you need to take away from the tory conference 

Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace




Scrounging termite. Kill it with fire.

Meanwhile David Cameron has announced plans to scrap Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefit for 18-21 year olds. I wish this was a sick joke, but it’s not.

It’s amazing that their response is “this would be bad press PR” and not “this is really fucked up,” which shows that they would probably do it if they thought no one would notice.

viable housing benefit under the age of 35 is currently difficult to get hold of, he took care of that already :’)

I made a pet sideblog so you wouldnt have to deal with the excessive rodent photos but apparently it hasn’t really stopped me whoops


the thing about doing dishes is you’re just going to have to do more dishes, and maybe some of the same dishes, later, and life is a never-ending trash parade

i think i’ve forgotten how to sleep? but I read somewhere that an extra slice of toast in the morning provides the same energy as an extra hour’s sleep. so maybe if i eat a bunch of toast